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Hi all future friends,

Thank you for dropping by to read my blog. I actually wrote this blog post 4 months after I actually started the blog because I felt I had to write something to start this whole blog but maybe I did not know how to do it before, so here is the blog post.

About me:

I work full time and I rarely have the time to sit down to do a blog post or even to have dinner with my family or friends. Working and working in the same company for a handful of years, I felt I needed something else. I still really loved my job nature and the company but I wasn’t getting what I wanted in my life. I am at the age of my life whereby I have the energy and I have the time to do what I think is right for me. This got me thinking about what I wanted for my future. What I wanted to achieve for myself.

My horoscope is Libra so naturally I love super cute stuff. I have lots of really cute pens, notebooks, bears, post-its, files and I am very tempted by very cute makeup. Therefore, I decided that if i were to own so many cute stuff. I could share my opinions with other people and at the same time to keep track of my own stuff. In that way even if I forgot if that cream was good I could always refer back to my blog post.

I started to get very interested in reading blogs and Instagram posts on makeup and skin care hoping that one day I could venture into it. Therefore, here I am starting really slow now just for the intention of first to keep track of my own makeup and skincare and sometimes even food. Then to second share with people on my own opinion of the products. I am still learning as we move along so please do be patient. Hopefully, my blog posts will improve as I go along.

Here is a favorite quote that I really like to share:

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Never live with regrets. I used to regret not studying hard (who doesn’t), used to regret wasting my time watching videos, used to regret doing things that do not contribute to our knowledge. I watched an inspirational youtube video by Prince Ea and I am deeply inspired by his sense of “regret” – Everyone Dies but not everyone lives. Do not live with regret, do things that you have never done before even if it hurts, if you have the passion for it do it! If would want to travel the world, DO IT! Make a new starting so that you will have a better ending.

I was also very inspired by Jack Ma’s speech, “After work, is what determines your future! Spend one hour per day doing these 5 things and your life will change forever!” I am very much guilty of doing nothing or watching television after work. You must be wondering; we are already so tired what else can we do?? LOTS!! With this time you can become smarter, stronger and have a wider network of people.

As inspirational as the both might be, we have to think about what we actually want in our life and work hard, set realistic goals and work towards our dream. Please do not give up and to myself too!

Please do follow my blog if you wish to look out for skincare and makeup and the occasional food stuff. Thank you and looking forward to knowing you all through your blogs as well.


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