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Hi all,

I love Japanese food and I really enjoy searching for really good Japanese food. Tried “Kaiseki Yoshiyuki” at Forum Shopping Centre Singapore and it was beyond delicious. We had a lunch set and it was the normal lunch set with 4 course set.


Figs with Black Sesame

For starters we had figs with black sesame. It was very good as a starter, a little sour and a good combination with the sesame.

They then offered us some plum that was peeled and soaked in sugar syrup. It is so good to go along with a little sake.


Plum 🙂

We proceeded to eat the sashimi. “TAI” sashimi was eaten with their soya sauce jelly which they painstakingly made it. It was so fresh you could feel the bounciness of the flesh of the fish.


Tai Sashimi with Homemade Soya Sauce

They offered us a small bowl of corn soup as corn was the seasonal food now in June. There was also some seasonal vegetables in the soup as well. The soup was not your usual Corn soup you drink at home, its a little less creamy and the sweetness comes for the Japanese corn which is so delicious


Corn Soup 🙂

After the first sashimi, we had another sashimi. This one is a Maguro fish. We had the honor of trying out the Maguro as well as the Toro part of the fish. Garnished with radish as well as flowers, this dish does not need any soya sauce as the orange portion is actually their own soya sauce.

The fish totally melts in your mouth and with the soya sauce similar to a custard like, the salty taste is not over powering at all and blends very well with the fish.


The end for the sashimi side, we now come to the cooked food. We were having one fish and one vegetable. The vegetable being the Eggplant.20160621_124135 This is the Eggplant dish, the vegetable is at the back of the dish. It is soft and sweet and very tender. There is also a small slice of fish in the front which has a very strong smoked flavor. The other vegetables include the small lady’s finger, radish, yam and pumpkin.

The fish dish that we had was so fresh, it was flown in the morning before and sliced for that afternoon’s lunch. 20160621_125526It was so fresh that the scales were also fried together with it. With a little lime to drizzle on the fish and a little matcha salt at the side is all you need for this dish. It really tasted extremely fresh and well cooked. We usually do not eat the scales of the fish and would remove them but this scales do not have a fishy taste to them and are very crispy. We even thought that without these crisp scales it would not taste as nice.

The last dish was possibly my favourite. The rice. The rice is pretty much seasonal and depending on the chef’s mood on that day. Sometimes it can be shrimps, other times it could be minced meat and egg, but today it was rice with small fish. Yummy. With a small plate of pickles and a hot cup of Hojicha. Perfect to end the meal.


Overall, the food was really good but the price was a bit to the steep side. The service is really good, the ambience is very serene. They do not have alot of seats so it gives the privacy and peace while eating.

For the love of food,

Ting Ting

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