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how is everyone doing??

I have dry skin so I always need a very good exfoliation and moisture.

Neogen gauze peeling.jpg

NEOGEN Dermalogy Wine Gauze Peeling

After looking at good reviews about this product i have decided to give it a try. The product is none other than the NeoGen Dermalogy’s Bio-Peel+ in Wine flavour. Picked it up with #qoo10.sg when it was on a discount and not regretting it at all. I am not a fan of wine but I was told this one is THE best.

After receiving it, I first noticed the gauze inside were all soaked in this purple colour solution. After opening the cap, there is a foil underneath it to further protect the essence from flowing out.

Neogen gauze peeling_1

The smell was not very wine-ish but more of a berry, grape smell. Smells GOOD! I took one piece of the gauze, one side is the rougher gauze area and the other side is similar to a cotton pad also soaked in the purple essence.

Neogen gauze peeling_3

Check out the soaked cotton pad~! Gauze side

After cleansing and toning the face, gently rub this gauze over the surface of the face. It not only smells good but it really feels like it is exfoliating the skin.

Neogen gauze peeling_4

The soft knitted side of the cotton

After a couple of rounds on the skin, turn the gauze over to the cotton pad side and gently wipe it to get rid of the last bits of the dead skin cells. This also gives the skin a calming effect.


Neogen gauze peeling_after

As you can see from my gauze the amount of dead skins I have. Pretty gross huh?!

After that, I rinsed my face with lukewarm water and instantly I can feel the difference. My skin is so much brighter and whiter and the day after my skin felt taut and very clean. Loving it!! I used 2 every week but if i can I would want to use it everyday 🙂

I used it on Mr. C’s face as well and it truely works for him too, making the face softer and brighter. Good Buy indeed he said!

Great Buy! Might want to try the lemon flavour as well after i have finished with this.

How did you guys find it??

Lotsa Love and xoxo,