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I thought i posted this already but seems like it is not in my blog yet so here you go :

Today I will be doing a food blog instead. I caught the Wicked musical in Singapore MBS mastercard theater (AT LAST!). It was awesome! besides the point that there was a couple in front of me that couldnt stop moving and some of the scenes I could only see 2 heads in front of me. I think for a 3 hours show it was so worth it.


After the musical, Mr. C and I decide that we should not go any where else but have dinner at Marina Bay Sands since we do not always go to such high end places. I had my dinner before at dB Bistro and Oyster Bar but it was not that fantastic but I decided to give it another go.


Photo Courtesy of Asia Bars & Restaurant

A little bit about the restaurant, extracted from dB Bistro and Oyster Bar, it is located in the luxury retail and dining atrium of the Marina Bay Sands Resort & Casino, just across from the Sands Theatre, db Bistro & Oyster Bar offers an exciting mix of traditional French bistro cooking with contemporary American flavors, and a world-renown collection of signature burgers. Chef Daniel Boulud reinterprets the classic Parisian bistro while sharing the energy and style of his acclaimed db Bistro Moderne in Midtown Manhattan.

We sat on the left side of the entrance along with everyone that was going to try the seafood. We ordered the seafood palette “petite” which was good for 2 persons and then 2 soups (French onion soup and corn soup) as well as a plate of escargots.

The soup was not a very big portion, just enough for covering up one-fifth of the stomach. It was hot not like some other restaurants which are sometimes really just warm soup. The french onion soup was sweet with lots of onions, cheese and bread and the corn soup had lots of tiny bits of corn inside, very sweet and very creamy. It was so good!!

Halfway through the soups we had the escargots, which is basically one of my favorite dishes in a Italian restaurant. It was basically YUMMZZ. there was tomatoes on top of the escargots which were quite huge and there was potatoes as well.


After the soup and escargots, we waiting patiently for our seafood platter.

They started to arrange the table for the platter. First they placed the sauces in front of us which included 4 different sauces and a very tiny bottle of tabasco (SO TINY SO CUTE!)


And then there was the metal stand that they fixed up on top of the sauces.


and then came the seafood platter, looks like a lot but it is really just 2 of each.


The food was pretty good overall and i would not mind going back as well 🙂


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