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Hi dears,

How have you all been?? Sorry I have been missing for 2 weeks and when I got back in I realised it is my anniversary on WordPress so today I will be posting a bigger blog post.

Let’s do a motivational quote to start first:

I love this one! “It doesnt matter what others are doing. It matters what YOU are doing”. Many times we have cliques of friends that are doing something different everyday, whether they are drinking, clubbing or singing, ask yourself if that is what the future you would thank you for. Of cos on some days we have to relax ourselves with fun and joy but we have to remember our goals and what we dream to get.

Image result for it doesnt matter what they are doing

Moving on, I have been going a bit crazy with the new craze for collaboration make up and skincare products and i have with me here a collaboration of Missha with Minions. Missha came up with line friends previously but sadly i only managed to grab their bb cushions and mascaras, this time i wasnt going to let the minions collaboration have a chance to slip past me.


So there you go, my minions collection consist of 3 facial cleanser, one is not featured here in Maylily, iris and cherry blossom. Lip crayon in Carl and Phi, 2 eye shadows and the BB Cushion. I will be slowly doing the reviews for each and every one of the items I have from this collaboration. First, we have the BB Cushion, i took the “Magic Cushion Cover” in Shade #23.

The puff is so awesomely cute!!! there is also another refill and another puff in the box itself. It is formulated with a SPF 50+/ PA+++ for good protection and I really need it as i always going around places. The puff has a very smooth and soft texture to it making application easy and natural.

There is as usual a sticker for hygiene purposes. When i removed the sticker, the formulation was already oozing out like it cannot wait to get out, unlike the W.lab blossom white cushion previously reviewed.

A then there is the lip crayon swatches. One is Phil and the other one is Carl. Carl is slightly a little more orange in tone as compared to Phil which is slightly towards the reddish pink tone.


I like the Phil tone quite a bit. They are very easy to apply on as the tip is pretty wide to apply on the lips. It is quite moisturizing as well doesnt dry up the lips that much.

You might be asking if it is long lasting. It is not very long lasting as compared to lip tints (since the name suggest, they are tints) but it is good for a period of time until u decide to eat something then the lip crayon would disappear slightly.

Besides the Lip Crayons, there are also the Cleansing foams. There are three different kinds of flavor: the cherry blossom, iris and maylily. They all belong to the flower range and they do actually smell very nice.


The characters on top also look really cute. This is one of the bottle and the description behind it, from the #despicable movie

Each bottle is sealed for freshness and once open please do finish as soon as possible. Please do not accept if the seal has been broken.


I tried the 3 facial foams and they all worked pretty well for me and helped to remove my makeup quite thoroughly. The only difference between the 3 of them was the smell. The 3 had different smell but personally I prefer the Cherry Blossom

This is me trying out the Iris facial cleansing foam. The hand on my left is before and the one on the right is after. There is no makeup in this case which i think my hand already looked cleaner. .

Next up would be the eye-shadow palettes from Missha x Minions. The left one is #1 and the right one is #2. #1 is a bit more of the brown tones while the #2 is a bit orange. I was thinking that i might not fit the orange tone as I am abit more tan and orange lipsticks look gross on me but I was quite surprised the orange palette looks not too bad.


#1 Eye shadow Palatte

After opening up, I really liked this range of colors as they are so neutral and you can wear them with anything. I swatched them and they turn out to be really light. The darker color is really nice but all four colors had a very shiny base to them. The last one was a complete shine! which could be used for the lower eyes. the third color from the top had the least shine to it and a little peach tone which would make a very good base color.



#2 Eye shadow Palette

This is the second eye shadow palette which I was quite taken aback by the orange tones. The last thing i wanted to do was to make myself look too yellowish because of my undertone and my skin colour. Nevertheless, I still decide to swatch the colors and they were so light on my skin there was practically nothing to see except the second color which stand out. The first one from the top is a peach undertone very good for the base. The third one is a orange based, more shiny than the other 2 in front and the last one is SHINY!



To hopefully not scare myself or other people while going out with an orange tone color, i decide to try it out. I would say it is not too bad for an orange tone, shiny but not too overpowering. Based color was first one followed by third one and the 2nd one was placed only at the corner of the eyes. The last one was placed at the bottom.

This color suits me quite well and I really like it.



Thank you all for reading!

Love and xoxo,

Ting Ting


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